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Parent Comment  

My daughter has loved every precious moment spent learning from Karen. As a parent, I feel safe leaving my daughter in Karen's capable hands so Claudia can be immersed in all aspects of theatre. Karen has a great way of handling all personalities and ages to ensure all have a chance to shine. Claudia has grown in confidence which I can see on stage especially the progression in her singing capabilities but also my daughter's willingness to help with younger members of the cast and relax with older members of the cast. Karen has a knack for creating the right learning environment for children to thrive--fun, safe, professional and Karen's enthusiasm and hard work ensure everyone gives their best. 

Julie H. 

karen byrnes

Parent Comment  

Karen is a gifted teacher and director. She has inspired my young son by sharing her love of theatre and boosting his self-confidence. Karen is consistently optimistic and professional, both with her students and us parents.

Janet M.