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Karen is one of the best teachers in acting that I know. She explains everthing very well and in a nice manner. She looks out for any individual problems and will be glad to help you. Karen gives out great acting opportunities, and if you don't feel  ready for that, she has amazing classes! She can help  your child by teaching them inprovisations mini scripts.  She can make your little actor feel like a real actor and not just a performer. She can give you props to act with and has very realistc costumes in her shows. She also has many great experences like writng your own short story/play and it could get chosen and played on stage. Personally, I think she is the best acting teacher ever! 

Karen is the best teacher ever. She had great improvisations and many great scripts for us. She was extremely nice and paid special attention to each individual to make sure they were doing great things as an actor/actress. In addition, she did great programs, like writing your own short story/play, and mine was chosen! She had many great experiences for kids and many great opportunites that would make them feel  like real actors. There were superb costumes in her programs and many other great equipment that was used in her process. In all, she is the best acting teacher ever! 5/5 !!!!! 

karen byrnes